Mobile Apps SEO

Mobile app optimization and increasing the searchability is most important thing and most of the companies invest huge in development and lack focus on marketing. We help our clients focus on low budget App promotion and marketing. We get you users.

eCommerce SEO

This is one segment which is highly competitive and almost impossible for new entrants to compete with giant ones. We obviously will take time, but we will help you get targeted traffic and customers to the website. You have relevant traffic and we have our clients retained.

SEO for Start Up

A brand new start-ups needs to get higher visibility and we know exactly what they need. We have worked with several start-ups in the US, UK and India. SEO for start-ups with minimum budget is the need of the hour. We gave done this. We will do this again for you.

Branding & Expression Experts

We are experts in Local SEO and have a very good track record of generating genuine organic traffic with our Search Engine Optimization. We will help you outflank your competition with our quality content services supplemented by our energetic social media strategy and make rank your business number one in Google search in Los Angeles, Minnesota, MN.

Also we are actively pursuing Mobile SEO since most people are using smart phones to get information.

We will also advice you how to make your website more efficient and if required design and develop a responsive website which is the need of the hour.

We have worked with many different businesses and have been successful in or digital marketing campaigns, that is why we will understand your marketing needs.


Information Gathering

The team here at SEO American understands what should is the need of our clients and based on that they start gathering information. Once we have enough understanding of their business. We work with the team to create a content marketing and link building plan for around three months so the team is ready with everything at hand.

Strategy Building

Once all the information is available and the team is ready to hit the target, we create a well carved strategy for three months which may be changed after the success or failure of the first 15 days. The team keeps discussing with the clients as well about the progress of the project and all the activities performed so far.

Is your website not getting enough traffic?

Come to SEO American and we can make it work for you.

we are the best and ethical SEO services providers in Los Angeles, Minnesota, Minneapolis, US. So contact us now and we will work together to increase your profits and take your business to new high.

Our Latest Works

Our prowess spans across all things digital, ensuring pinpoint and strategic results.

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Our prowess spans across all things digital.


What our clients say

  • Vipin Nirwal has truly led our brand gain value, not only this, he has helped us sustain our reputation as the best in Tampa, US. I appreciate and must say every penny worth spent here.

    Rolo Dungaman
    Director, Nolani SEO
  • We have been working with SEO American for around 3 years and are among the first few clients. We have been renewing our contracts. I guess my words send the message loud and clear, SEO American is one of the best SEO Companies in Minnesota US.

    Loni Warner
    CEO Market Share Masters, Minnesota, US
  • I was worried that I had invested huge in Android and iOS game, and what if the marketing failed. Vipin, Shweta and the team at SEO American has done a great job. Thanks Guys.

    Siddhartha Nayar
    Entrepreneur and owner of Quizambo

SEO American FAQ

Why one should hire a Professional SEO operative for business growth?

Search Engine optimization is the driving force behind the success of any online business because it helps establish and make your presence known to the world. SEO can be local, state or countrywide and due to this flexibility, it offers business owners opportunity to formulate plans for growth accordingly. SEO is also data driven so all the actions and steps can easily be quantified.

Why Should You Hire Professional and Expert SEO Company, Agency or Professionals for your business? Here are the reasons:

1. Lack of SEO Knowledge
2. Lack of Time
3. No Search Visibility
4. No in-house Capability
5. Low Budget
6. Better ROI
7. Instant Gain

Hi we are SEO American, your New Professional SEO operative

We have been helping with customized SEO solutions for over five years and extensive experience promoting client websites. in a variety of highly competitive industry verticals. We build our client’s large amounts of organic traffic directed to your website.

Best SEO Company in Los Angeles, California

Other than SEO services we also offer Social Media Optimization and Marketing services in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other parts of US.We also take a special interest in building and cultivating a strong social media presence that will allow you and your business to open direct conversations with your customers and partners. We are experts in figuring out what social media platform will get you an engaged and focused audience so that you can build more enthusiasm around your products and services. Our optimized social media marketing approach creates genuine followers who would respect your brand and we can do that for in Los Angeles California.

What is the ideal SEO budget for startups?

The ideal budget for SEO should always be on the higher side especially if you are startup but we understand all the issues and problem startups face in the beginning. When it comes to the ideal budget just for SEO it all depends on the priorities of the company and what are their expectations from SEO. Plus it completely depends on the products and services they have to offer. SEO is the living embodiment of online marketing and boosting online presence and a portion of the investment has to go towards that no matter what.

The Ideal Budget for a Start-up should be:

$899/PM for 10 Keywords and Small Traffic

$1199/PM for 15 Keywords with Moderate Traffic

$1500/PM for 25 Keywords with high Traffic

Why Startups must make some investment in SEO?

Also, the argument can be made that startups should avoid SEO but the ramifications are ‘No SEO’ at all on your startup’s website could lead to unoptimized pages and that can get penalized by lower ranking. Page engagement is THE ranking factor and un-SEOed pages can pull down an entire website’s performance.

The Question is’ Why should Start up make invest in SEO?’

The reason for the required investment is:
1. Low SEO Budget
2. To Increase Search Engine Visibility
3. To Create Stronger Link References
4. To Start Making Sure Shots Lead From Website
5. To Increase Digital Presence Overall

At SEO American we understand the issues faced by startups because we’ve been through the same.

We enjoy working with startups because they have the enthusiasm and drive to become successful and that has a direct effect on our work to help them succeed in their endeavor.

If you are good at something never do it for free!

We are also very good at helping startups get a firm foothold and we do not do it for free but our rates are reasonable because there is a price for hiring a quality digital marketing agency. Remember if you try to save money in SEO it will cost you later. So call us and we will fix a rate that is EQUITABLE.  

How would you choose Best SEO Company in Los Angeles?

The reason why so many small businesses fail during their first or second year is lack of online presence and lack of funds is just an excuse. But if you hire SEO American in Los Angeles SEO we can give you the kind of support that you are looking for because we have the right experience and a track record of excellence. You can call us a true LA SEO pro because we get higher ranking with our strategy to get more organic traffic and by targeting the right audience. So what are you waiting for.

What do we offer?

We target one percent of all SEO businesses in Los Angeles, Minnesota, Minneapolis, US

We provide the following SEO services in Los Angeles, US

  • SEO Content Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Performance Tracking and Reporting are sent on a fortnightly basis
  • Competitive Analysis report
  • Content Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Penalty Resolution & Much More…

Why local SEO in the US is important for business?

The city of Los Angles is one of the biggest cities in the U.S and in itself a huge market with great potential. We offer specialized local SEO that would allow you every advantage that it can give, to stay ahead of the pack. To achieve higher ranking our mission is to use right technology and have the right people supporting you every step of the way totally dedicated to supporting your business and enhance its online visibility. And that’s just what you’ll get with SEO American.

SEO experts in Los Angeles 

Our SEO experts always keep a hand on the pulse so if there is any change they can alter strategy to stay on top. We use the best SEO software, tools and tips that allow us to gauge the slight change in the market and in return, you will get the best SEO services that you need, without wasting time on unproven methods that end up costing you in the end. When you choose SEO American Los Angeles (LA) as your SEO provider, you are choosing expert service and support that you need to stay ahead of the competition.

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