2017 is all about mobile Optimization

2017 is all about mobile Optimization

For a long time, anyone who had a semblance of knowledge when it came to SEO knew mobile will overtake desktop and the final nail in the coffin was the advent of 2017. Mobile is now the primary device used to access websites and if anyone is surprised they should get of this business because it has been shouted through the roofs since as far back as 2015. In fact, Google reported that more searches were conducted on mobile which should be a red herring.

The fact is mobile has well and truly arrived and even though the responsive design has been around for a while but still well-established sites tend to fall down on usability. The reason for that is a majority of sites is still built for desktop and later a designer and developer accommodates for mobile and that is not good enough in 2017 mobile-first world. You must ensure you are truly optimizing for mobile users. Because responsive design and page speed is very important and it is directly related to the user experience of the customer.

There is nothing wrong in going the extra distance to create fully mobile-focused websites and take full advantage of mobile optimization to have a strategic advantage over the competition. And, of course, Google would love your  site and lest we forget it will improve engagement and on-page ranking factors that will benefit from improved SEO.


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