Evolving SEO tips 2016 Help Stay ahead Curve

Evolving SEO tips 2016 Help Stay ahead Curve

Half of 2016 is already over and so are the most trends of SEO which were being followed by most of us. If we do not have the ability to evolve in SEO then it is our own fault and hence responsible for our ranking. More and more people are increasing access to the internet and the way people surf the web and a lot more. Billions of searches are done worldwide every month and if you are not able to take even a slight advantage of that, then you need to put an end to your business/service. An evolving SEO practice will help you drive more organic quality traffic, get you visibility and boost your brand which will give your business the opportunity to succeed because that’s the reason you started the business.

Here are some tips evolving SEO tips for 2016

Give more stress on Local SEO

Local SEO is gaining a lot of momentum because Google needs to know where you are located and what services and goods you are offering. So it becomes necessary to rank high in local pages to target relevant audience and increase sales. This is why by using location-specific keywords and content which your target audiences can relate to will help put your business location on top.

Go Mobile App

More people are going to access the internet via mobile phone and that is why developing an app is a must to stay ahead of the competition. The majority of people are using apps for various needs, such as online shopping, and it is essential for the business to explore the advantage of mobile apps. Desktops are history whereas, mobile and mobile websites are the present and future. At present, this is the right way to help your brand feature prominently and for better search rankings.

Content is one entity which will remain the king in the ever changing world of SEO

Writing blogs and publishing quality articles on Google is currently helping most businesses all over the world. Quality content is always valued by potential customers, and more and more people consider this approach to give credibility to the product and services. Plus original content is well favored by Google.

Mobile Optimization or bust 

If your business website is not mobile-friendly do not be surprised if you are not getting enough traffic. The reason behind it is that your audiences are using different means to search. Today, where the majority of people are using tablets and smartphones to browse the web and if your website is not mobile responsive, you are making a huge mistake. It’s like living in a different time period. Also, Google’s algorithm update this year ensured that mobile-friendly websites will get more boost in ranking and more and more people use mobiles to surf the Internet. It is only obvious Google decided to make it easier to find relevant, mobile-optimized websites.



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