How to get leverage over your Competitors from Google’s Local Results in Web Search

How to get leverage over your Competitors from Google’s Local Results in Web Search

When Google launched Universal Search, companies who are aware of the change have been trying to leverage it to get their site into the first position. This is possible within the vertical search engine that is ranking in the top slot. So for searches like best catering service in New York where Google Local results dominate the top of the first page, It is now necessary for securing a spot in those results because it is extremely critical to your SEO campaign.

Getting your company listed in Google ‘My Business Listing section’, is the most important thing one can do because most clicks or calls come from this section which means you are getting more business. But once you get listed competition in is fierce. So make sure your practices are all white hat SEO by publishing original content and by marketing, and getting reviews.

How Is My Local Business Site Graded By Google?

Google analysis number of factors to grade your website and here are the most important factors

Content & Text On Pages –“Content Is King” and it is truer now than ever. Google wants unique and quality written content that gets traffic.

Links Matter – The number of quality links you have pointing to your site is very important. So you must work hard to get a good grade from Google so you can have high Domain Authority Links pointing to your site.

Get your Website Mobile Friendly – Google has already started penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly.

There is a lot of competition and to be successful you are going to need tough local SEO experts who know exactly what you need to beat the competition.


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