How Google Trends Can Help You Ace SEO?

How Google Trends Can Help You Ace SEO?

Google Trends is essentially a free tool which is a reflection of topics that are trending all across the world at a given time. Now, it spots all kinds of events and this ranges from local to global and everything in between. This online search tool is a great way to analyze samples of search data and then measures what is the user’s interest across various topics and collates the search results in a graph.

Hence, it is always advisable to keep a close tab on Google Trends as it will help you stay abreast of what is happening all across the world which is relevant to the business niche. If a story has recently made the news, you will get access to it in the Trending Searches section of the tool.

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Against every search item, one can also find its search volume as well as related news pieces. This will help you find context to what people want to search and this is where you can also get a great idea if what the keywords are pertaining to a specific keyword.

There is another great benefit of Google Trends as it pins down the search terms whose search volumes spikes and then rapidly goes back to zero in under a week. Google Trends hence help you discover keyword opportunities like never before and when the fast-moving trends can miss the miss, this is the best way to stay relevant.

One would want to take on keywords that enjoy stable public interest. One has to simply enter the keyword into the Google Trends search box and then check on the interest which it has been generating over tome.

Always check the popularity graph to see if the keywords are fading from public interest and hence, you will have to look for new keyword opportunities.

Validating keywords with Google Trends does not take much of your time, but then the data which you get can be put to a lot of use. We advise you to punch in the precise words to get the most of the relevant results so that your readers get exactly what they want.