How Start-Ups Can Ace The SEO Game?

How Start-Ups Can Ace The SEO Game?

If you are a start-up, the challenge of getting recognized and acing the game of search engine can seem a rather humongous one. While the big and established companies have made their presence felt – these companies have been chasing SEO trends for years and have worked hard to dominate the first page of SERP.

Having said this, there are still ways for start-ups to rise up the ranks and there are still lessons to be learned at all times. Yes, you might not have a massive budget to go after a concerted SEO campaign, but then, you are new and have the chance to take decisions and devote time into chalking down a solid SEO campaign.

For starters, you need to understand why you need SEO. And while there are plenty of lessons and theories on how to ace the game and there are plenty of ‘scammy’ ways to make your presence felt, the fact remains that traffic and revenue growth is extremely important and this is what you need to do and focus on.

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Spend a lot of time on research as this will make sure that plan is tailored to the industry as well as the competition all around you.

There are a few factors which need to be looked at:

: What are the search results when you punch in the ideal keywords

: Expand these into long-tail keywords and see what exactly is ranking

: Once you have gone through these results, collate the URLs and domains for the top 30 to 50 results.

: This will help you identify the domain which pops upmost in the rankings for a wide range of keywords.

: This will help you get a list of companies that can be your potential competition.

Now, there was a time when stuffing content with keywords would have done the trick, but it is not the same anymore. Google has become a lot smarter – once you have identified the keywords, ensure that the article which is produced has all the bases covered and provides all the information to the readers. There is no substitute for good quality content and this will also help you gain credibility.

Even when you are just starting out, keep a few things in mind as far as your page and content are concerned – Title tags, Meta descriptions, Headings, Internal links, Sitemaps, Alt tags.

Also, place a lot of focus on off-site optimization and the different tools include:

  • Enter a collaboration with several other websites.
  • Keep your social media channels updated by posting and linking quality content.
  • Build citations for businesses which also have a local presence
  • Always look to create linkable content – it is always advisable to attract natural links rather than build generic ones.