Importance Of Image SEO – Here Are The Tricks To Ace This Game

Importance Of Image SEO – Here Are The Tricks To Ace This Game

There is a reason why images speak louder than words – there is more nuance in the story, there are more feelings and the emotions are far more powerful. Hence, it is no secret that articles can drive more traction when there are images to boost the story.

Importance Of Image Seo

For any business owner or for any digital marketer, it is imperative to devise and formulate strategies which give them a leeway into gaining a foothold in the SEO marketplace. In order to compete in organic search results, SEO is essential – not only for the words but also when it comes down to images.

Now, there is always a lot of strategies and focus on producing high-quality content with SEO techniques, but then, often in the jostle, SEO for images are ignored.

Hence, it is no secret that the importance of images on e-commerce, travel, and even on media websites have seen a gradual, but definite increase over the years. It, thus, becomes important to even optimize the images to make the article and the website even more suitable to rank in various search engines.

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So, here are a few ways through which one can learn to optimize images for Search Engine Optimization:

1. Images should always be resized

2. Always, use the relevant filename

3. One should always use the ALT tags with the images

4. Be smart when adding caption for the images

5. The text which has been used should always tell the story of the image

6. An image should be structured as per the date