Long-Tail Keywords: What Are They, How To Use Them And How They Impact Users

Long-Tail Keywords: What Are They, How To Use Them And How They Impact Users

What are long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are essentially the key three or four keyword phrases which are catered specifically to how are intending to sell your product. If and when a customer searches for something online, they will punch in the specific keywords as they know what are looking for exactly.

Here we speak about 4 distinct characteristics:

1. A number of words (3-5+).

Long-tail keywords have always addressed specific issues and hence, intent when using the combination should be clear. One needs to understand that long-tail keywords always address specific topics.

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2. Not very popular

We have to understand here that since long-tail keywords are very specific and hence, people search specifically for them which is why their search volumes might not be too high, the result of which is that these words might not be too popular.

3. Competition

A number of companies and firms compete for the same set of keywords and hence, the competition might be still. Hence, one needs to be prudent and quite tactical while using the keywords.

4. High conversion rate.

It all comes down to what the users and consumers want to search and since long-tail keywords tend to be very specific, Google understands what the users want. Thus, they present exact results owing to which pages which are ranking for long-tail keywords end up having a higher conversion rate.

Thus, if one aims to really extract profits from a long-tail keyword strategy, one should always have a clear vision of what the company stands for, and one should understand the product and what your website is aiming to sell.