SEO Tips On How To Convert Your Blog Into An SEO Blog

SEO Tips On How To Convert Your Blog Into An SEO Blog

At a time when the Internet has almost everything available, it is extremely hard to create a material which is definitively unique and original. Now, Internet is always flooded with information, users have a hard time selecting what they need. This is why a good, solid SEO strategy will give your work the chance to stand tall and ensure users see it.

Hence, as a blogger, it has become extremely important for you to be up to speed with the various parameters of Search Engine Optimization which will give you a chance to make your regular blog into a blog which stands out and finds ranking on search engines.

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Here we will discuss few important steps in order to make a blog SEO friendly:

Always do Keyword research

Keywords are essentially words and phrases which appear frequently in Google search engines. Google Adwords will help you understand how Keyword Search works and there is a keyword search works to find keywords. You can choose the keywords with the highest amount of average monthly searches as they strengthen your SEO strategies.

It is fairly easy to search for keywords and the best part is that the tool is absolutely free and will not have any hassle.

Include these keywords in the blog’s body, header, and URL

Now, once you have researched and made a list of your keywords and then incorporate it in your blog’s content body, header as well as the URL. Bear in mind that these keywords have to skilfully incorporated so that it does not become disconcerting and the readers do not notice it.

Image Descriptions should have Alt-tags

Once you have added all your keywords in your blog, you have to now incorporate these keywords into image descriptions and alt tags. This will help give you additional optimization that your blog needs.

Add links which are both Internal as well as Outbound links

Your blog will create traction when it has a lot of links. The usage of links is another way to optimize your blog as it will be shown in search engines right at the top. Once you add links to other websites, you will get a host of new readers – this concept is essentially called creating backlinks.