Understanding Amps: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

Understanding Amps: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is defined as an open-source platform. It has been developed by Google in a bid to help publishers improve the speed as well as readability of all their mobile and web pages. AMPs help to decrease the loading speed of mobile web pages and there is a knock-on impact to make it more SEO friendly.

One of the biggest factors to gain ranking on search engines is speed – the more is the speed of the page and loading time, more will be chances of increasing and converting conversions.

It needs to be understood here that Google looks to provide the best user experience for mobile users who are looking at information and for users looking to shop on their smartphones.

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In essence, AMP is a watered-down version of a perfectly designed HTML page that, at all time, is lightweight, quick and has lesser load time. It has been designed specifically in order to boost the readability as well as the speed of the smartphone.

So, why should we use AMP:

  • It enhances website loading time

As mentioned earlier, AMP has been designed so that it helps developers build fast, and sites which are always rich in content for smartphones. Hence, AMP is useful as it expunges all the non-essential elements for better functionality and speed. With this, Google gives precedence to the pages and this has a direct impact on the SEO ranking.

There are several reports that suggest the mobile users have fleeting ambition span – they tend to leave any website that refuses to load even after a long time (more than 3-4 seconds). Hence, businesses should focus on AMP as it will help clip down the rate of mobile abandonment rate. This will have an increased impact on conversions.

What we mean to say is that AMPs are truly fast – with this, users are able to enjoy sites without losing focus of what they want. With this, there is a greater chance that more visitors will be drawn into the website by AMPs.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages are, hence, used for reducing the content loading time of any page.