Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

Organic backlinks play a vital role in getting you thumbs up on social search engines and improving a blog’s ranking. Earning natural backlinks require sheer efforts without having paying or asking anyone.  Moreover, quality link building is essential to survive Google’s update such as Penguin.

Here are authentic ways of gaining organic links for your blog’s natural link building:

Write epic content:    

Choose informative and rare topics to construct detailed contents that are rare to find elsewhere. Avoid writing lengthy posts but focus on writing short & precise ones. Following ways are helpful while writing interesting topics for a blog:

  • Stir a little controversy in topics to grab the eyeballs faster than normal blog posts.
  • Talk about fact & figures in your findings when writing research topics such as case studies. This is the easiest and safest way to obtain organic backlinks.
  • Video blogging or vBlogging is the most magnificent way of engaging the blog visitors. Visually interactive posts full of graphics, tremendous views and real people work brilliantly to get your blog quality links. Video description contains links that help inviting the visitors back to your blog site.

Relationship Blogging:   

This is a successful way that help keeping you up with authority bloggers for creating natural backlinks. Grab their attention by liking, commenting and sharing their quality posts. Be formal and try to hang out with them on Social media platforms for asking and thanking them for unique back link generation ideas.  Once you come under their radar, you will start enjoying an official bound with them to fetch natural backlinks.

Use Networking for connecting with potential readers:

Blogging always works the best with a vast networking exposure. Connect, hangout and get noticed by the avid blog readers who always reach to a blog searching for something informative. These audiences will get you potential organic backlinks.

Try these social ways to fetch some real meaty backlinks:

  • Forum posting & Discussions
  • Attending or conducting live events and Press Conferences
  • Question and Answer based sites

Social Media Utilization:

Link building social media sites allow the bloggers to backlink BIO section and needless to say, it is a great way for SERPs. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkeldn proffer a great potential of using high- value backlinks of business pages and personal profiles that influx a great amount of traffic to a social media account.

Broken Link diagnose and elimination:

Nonetheless, it is difficult to keep an active record of all pages back- linked to your blog, but it is a good way of replacing broken links with potential ones. Make a broken link strategy to keep your blog’s health under check. Conduct a link analysis and send a formal email to linked websites in order to swap the broken link with a resourceful link.

Be Newsworthy, Be valuable:

Concentrate on viral social media posts that are highly- liked by enthusiastic online readers. Understand their interest and figure out a few incredible media events and press releases to invite these readers to your blogging site. Live blogging is an asset of being noteworthy through happening content. Content posts should be ethical, real and relevant enough to bring your blog into limelight. Definitely, there is a huge scope of getting premium backlinks.

Earning or getting backlinks is a vast process that operates on viral ideas, research methods and unique concepts. Above tactics are helpful in generating quick backlinks.


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