What As An SEO Audit And Why It Is Needed?

What As An SEO Audit And Why It Is Needed?

An SEO audit is essentially the process of deciphering how well the web presence is when compared to all the best practices. It should be the first step when a plan is created in order to have measurable results.

The purpose of the audit is to identify a number of different foundational issues that play an impact impeding organic search performance as possible. So, an SEO will reveal:

  • All technical SEO issues
  • The different structure issue that impact a website
  • The on-page SEO problems
  • What are the content gaps

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An SEO audit should always be comprehensive. It should cover both structural and content components that are affecting the SEO visibility. An audit should provide a “big picture” view of what has been happening to the current website, and if there are any missing pieces, an audit should give a clear picture of how to restructure it.

At the same time, an audit should not be too complex and it should be easy to understand. If it is your website, you should be able to connect all the dots of how these SEO issues could impact your online presence and accordingly realign the priorities, goals, or revenue.

It is all well and good to carry out an SEO audit, but, then if it cannot be implemented, there will no visible impact. Hence, there should be a clear path to complete it and it each recommendation should be accompanied with an action plan. The output of any SEO audit should always convey an easy to follow roadmap.