What Is A Favicon And Why Is It Important For A Website?

What Is A Favicon And Why Is It Important For A Website?

When you open any website, you can see a small square image that represents the website in any web browser. This square image is called a favicon – essentially it is the first letter of the company, or could be an image which is reflective of the specifics of the website which it represents.

Hence, to cut the clutter, Favicons helps the user to match every browser tab with a certain website. This helps a lot when one has opened multiple tabs at one time in a browser. Favicons act as your best friends and you can find your page without any hassle.

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Not only this, favicons can also be found in the browser history. Bookmarked pages will also come with a favicon, both in the Bookmarks bar as well as under the bookmarks section.

Google has also been using favicons since May 2019 – both in the mobile SERP as well as the desktop SERP, which got the new look at the beginning of this year.

It can safely be said that Favicons help websites be relevant and visible at a time when online space has shrunk and there are plenty of resources for a consumer as well as a visitor.

It might be only a small box and an extremely small graphic, but a Favicon is essential for your website. The devil has always been in the detail and hence, there should be time invested in getting the design right and it should stand for your website and it should deliver the message.