What Is Blog SEO And Why Is It Important?

What Is Blog SEO And Why Is It Important?

Blog SEO is essentially the practice of optimizing a blog’s content, the architecture of the site ad also the HTML code for search engines. The common tasks which are associated with blog SEO include on-page optimization, installing plugins as well as improving and optimizing page loading speed.

Why Is Blog SEO Important?

It needs to be understood here that search engines are perhaps the biggest source of traffic for blogs. As per a recent survey which was conducted on over 1000 bloggers, it was found that SEO was the second most important source of traffic and it ranked right behind social media.

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So, what are the best practices?

You have to find one main keyword for each post and then, each blog post should be optimized around this one particular keyword. So, if you optimize your post around lots of different keywords, it only leads to search engines getting confused and your content might not get any ranking.

So, we suggest that if your blog is new, always focus on long-tail keywords at first. This is because long-tail terms are not entirely competitive.

Now, once you have found a long-tail keyword, optimize your post around this particular term. There is no need to stuff your keyword on your page. Keyword stuffing is past its expiry date and it will do more harm than good.

The next big step is the title tag.

As far as blog SEO is concerned, your title tag is another important cog. This is because Google puts extra importance on terms that show up in your page’s title tag.

And, then always make sure you mention your keyword in your introduction and towards the end of the blog.