What Is Online And Offline Linking

What Is Online And Offline Linking

There have been several raging debates for years over whether online (pay-per-click, online display advertising, and social media advertising) or offline (broadcast and newspaper ads, banners etc) are the more effective marketing strategy.

However, the lines between both the mediums have blurred and as things stand now, marketing strategies should be an amalgamation of both online and offline marketing tactics.

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So, what are the methods to link online and offline marketing:

Using CTA

CTA stands for call to action and hence, when you are marketing your product on printed collateral and print ads there should be reasons given to the audience to visit a dedicated landing page (which need not be the homepage). There should, thus, be a CTA button which will be able to get the contact information for any subsequent follow-ups.

Focus on campaigns which are continued in nature

So, you take out an advertisement on the front page of a newspaper. People read it, they like it and this is when you ask them to offer their feedback – bouquets or brickbats by visiting the landing page and typing in their comments. You can also give them the option of using a particular hashtag and CTA which will lead them directly to the website.

Use pURLs

What exactly is a pURL? It stands for personal URLs – you can use your mailing list to create a personal URL and then use a variable printing service in order to create a direct mailer which will be specific to each person on the mailing list, Using this, one can easily track the activity if any person and yes, this is one way of identifying future customers or clients.

Business cards with digital contacts

This might seem very obvious, but it is one sure way of expanding relationship between online and offline marketing techniques. The business cards should have digital contact information, that include email addresses, Twitter handles, etc. on them.

Share online, offline and then online

Any offline marketing that has been done should be shared online. As such, any TV commercial should also be shared on social media channels. If the print media has covered any product, the same should be made available on the website or through social media channels. Media articles can be shared and there should be downloadable versions of brochures and manuals.

Marketers have to look for different ways where their online and offline channels can complement each other which will make their marketing campaigns aligned. They can do this by using new technology that include data insights, store apps and beacons. Companies can increase personalization efforts and establish communication channels with their customer base offline and then lead to their website or different other online platforms.