What Is the Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) In Adwords?

What Is the Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) In Adwords?

Gmail Sponsored Promotions or GSPs are a type of advertising which are provided by Google. It is an extremely unique Ad type and these can be shown up in the personal Gmail Boxes in the promotional tab. It can be done by using your Google AdWords only.

This advertising format has now allowed advertisers to serve their ads directly in the inboxes of their targeted prospects. It is hugely benefitting to the advertisers as it gives the users special attention as these ads are likely to be shown above like all the organic mails.

How To Use GSP:

In order to access this feature of Gmail, all you have to do is to contact the Gmail representative. Once you call the representative, they will then check your Google AdWords account to make sure you are all set for GSPs.
Now, if you are eligible to use Google Sponsored Promotions, you will then get a call and you will be contacted where you will guide you on how to use GSPs. However, before you apply for GSP you should first go through the “Policy for Google Advertisers.”

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Why Is GSP powerful:

Perhaps, the best part of Gmail Ads is that your message will be shot directly in the inboxes of your prospects without requesting an email address. Also, you can target the audience based on the domains from which they are already receiving emails.

Now, if your products or services match with other company’s offers, this is when you can target those people who are already receiving the emails from these competitions and gain an advantage.
It needs to be mentioned here that by using this ad format you are not just targeting the people who have visited the websites which have similar products or services, but also the people who have given the permission to your competitors of sending them emails.

Essentially, these are the customers who are aware of the product and services and reached the evaluation stage.