What Is The Role Of Breadcrumbs In SEO?

What Is The Role Of Breadcrumbs In SEO?

Breadcrumbs are links that give a user the flexibility to track their path from the page they are viewing to the home page of that particular website. They are typically present close to the top of the page and help in reflecting the wholesome structure of any website.

We can classify breadcrumbs into three broad categories:

  • Location Breadcrumbs
    Location breadcrumbs have become the most common types of breadcrumbs which are used on the web today. They help in determining the position of a page along with the site hierarchy. Using these bread crumbs, a user can visit a page and this plays host to similar pages.
  • Path Breadcrumbs
    Typically, as the name suggests, these bread crumbs show the path the user has to take to get to a webpage. This same content on the website can also be accessed using various logical paths and these are shown by path crumbs.
  • Attribute or Keyword Breadcrumbs
    These keyword breadcrumbs are very similar to location bread crumbs. One of the key differences is that they use the keyword or any other attribute to represent the page instead of the page title. The attribute bread crumbs are typically used primarily on e-commerce websites.

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Breadcrumbs benefit the search engines as well as the users. What they do, is that they provide logical access to all the inner and outer pages of the website, and this practice is favored by the search engines.

This is how they benefit SEO:

Breadcrumbs can provide additional benefits if they are coupled with contextual linking to their related pages. Also, they help with linking the structure of the website. This also helps the site pop up in the SERPs which only leads to increased traction.

We can safely conclude that breadcrumbs are a very useful tool that leads to enhanced user experience, more so when the website has a complex hierarchy that deters users from digging deeper.