What Makes A High Quality Backlink?

What Makes A High Quality Backlink?

Getting backlinks (also known as external links), to your website from different other sites remains one of the most effective ways to improve search engine rankings.

However, one has to be wary about the different backlinks as not all of them are valued equally. There are a handful of high-quality backlinks that can significantly improve your SEO progress. Now, at the same time, there are a whole host of low-quality links that might even have an impending impact on the website and your rankings.

As far as Google is concerned, there are three types of backlinks – low-quality, medium-quality, and high-quality.

So, Google classifies low-quality backlinks as spams that are strewn all over the internet. Also, there are a number of backlinks that have been created in a fake way to skirt the system and they are always against Google’s guidelines.

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We then come to the medium-quality links, these are essentially those links that offer value and are easier to attain than high-quality links. And, then there are high-quality links which provide the most value, but then they are quite hard to achieve as the editorial standards are quite high.

One of the biggest criteria for being a high-quality backlink is that it needs to be genuine and very natural. Backlinks should be natural and it should always provide value to the readers and not because you want to manipulate the readers in any which way.

Google also always ranks sites that use reputable backlinks – Google has its dedicated PageRank algorithm which is a great way to measure the importance as well as the reputation of the different webpages.

In essence, the higher number of backlinks and the higher the quality of backlinks, the chances are better for the website to rank for the corresponding competitive keywords. So, in conclusion, a high-quality backlink is one that is natural and it is highly reputable and very relevant.

Bear in mind, you should at all times avoid spammy backlinks as this will always be an impediment to the ranking which you desire.