Why Longer Content Is A Great Way To Increase SEO Ranking?

Why Longer Content Is A Great Way To Increase SEO Ranking?

Good content is always the king, but then does the length of the article matter? While there are different theories doing the round on the same, often it is the case that the top searched articles that rank high on search engines usually have articles that have more than 2000 words.

Although it is not stipulated and there are no rules rolled out by Google, the search engine prefers longer content over regular blog posts. Now, this does not mean that content length is the only ranking factor Google uses while ranking websites.

It also uses a bunch of signals to determine if a specific web page should get the rank or not and well, content is just one of the many parts of this strategy. However, if the content is long and has relevant information, it becomes easier to optimize the website for these ranking signals.

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Longer content often can acquire quality backlinks. Why? Often this is the case because the content is researched thoroughly, and content is crafted that has all the bases covered as far as providing information to the readers is concerned. People will keep coming back and they will keep clicking on the link if they find answers to all their questions.

What is a Dwell Time?

Dwell time is essentially the total time a user spends on a website before going back to SERP. Now, higher the dwell time, better the chances of the webpage being given a boost by Google. If the dwell time is high, Google gets an indication that the web page is resolving all the queries of the user.

So, if longer content solves all the problems? Well, it is but natural, any user will spend more time reading a 2000+ words blog post as compared to a 500 words blog.

Not only this, but longer content is also a great way to captivate customers, and hence, they tend to share these articles more than an article that has a regular word count. Hence, when a large number of readers share the articles on social media, people automatically consider your website as a viable brand and an authority on any particular brand.