Why Responsive Web Design is Important for SEO?

Why Responsive Web Design is Important for SEO?

Responsive web design means a website that looks great on all devices and provides a good user interface, good user experience to both desktops as well as mobile devices users. In short, a responsive website itself reformats its pages and works well with the devices of all screen sizes. Earlier developers used to develop two separate websites for desktop users and mobile users. However, responsive web designing is the newest way of creating a website to provide a pleasant user experience to all users on all devices with variable screen resolutions.

Many times the question arises that does responsive design have any advantage of having a responsive website?

Does it help to get top ranking on Google search engine result pages?

The answer is YES. We are at SEO American – an SEO agency in Beverly believe that responsive web designing helps to get potential traffic, leads and a better position on search engine results pages. Keep reading to know more about the necessity of responsive web designing in SEO.

Google Loves Responsive Websites:

Google is the most popular search engine and if you want to keep your presence good on Google then you need to follow what Google recommends. Because, responsive designs are more efficient for Google to crawling, indexing, and organizing content. A Beverly SEO company, always take care of Google’s recommendation for your website health.

Avoid Duplicate Content:

If you have different websites for both mobile and desktop then you need to write the same content twice one for mobile device website and other for desktop. It will harm your SEO. So, make sure all of your web content should be on a single domain so that Google can crawl and index your content and won’t penalize you for that.

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Easy to Monitor Analytics:

For a different website, you will create different analytics and you will need to monitor both. A responsive website is just one and it means your single analytics can be a source of information to analyze traffic. A team of Beverly Hills SEO experts has good analytical skills to analyze your website health and provide result-oriented solutions to achieve your business goals.

Increased User Experience:

To provide better user experience to users is the most important moto of any website owner as they want to convert them into their potential customers. User experience is the most essential ranking factor. If your website is user-friendly then your visitors will be happy to viewing and sharing the content. Let’s consider if a user wants to share some content from the desktop then that content should look the same on the mobile device screen.

Lower Bounce Rate:

A responsive website will reduce the bounce rate with the fast loading speed, easy to use navigation and clear call to action. For example, if a user visits your website on a mobile device and if your website is not responsive, he may face difficulty in browsing and thus he can leave and it will increase your bounce rate. A high bounce rate adversely affects your SEO efforts for your website.

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