Pay Per Click Services

PPC – Pay Per Click Services in US, UK, Australia and India

PPC – Pay Per Click Services in US, UK, Australia and India

SEO is a long term strategy, but for instant ROI and sales, it is imperative to have an alternative solution. PPC is one of the best way and sure shot means of gaining prospects in the business. Our team is very small in numbers but very effective with 3 years of experience in PPC management. We have an agency tip up with Google who provides us services. This means, there are literally two teams involved at the same time on a project.

More Gains, Less Spend.

We do not have the magic wand to run through and get ROI, we play smart. We apply an amalgamation of page relevance, ad quality, and keyword optimization.  To make the campaign efficient and drive down the cost per acquisition as well as the increase in overall conversions, we identify improvements in all the campaigns that we run for the client. We believe in a continuous optimization of the campaign only when we make sure things are properly settled for our client as he starts noticing the results – the ROI.

Our Process is very simple:

Campaign Auditing: As a PPC Agency in the US, the first thing we do, as everyone does, is to audit the existing campaign or create a new one. From conversion rates, click through rates, quality score to cost per acquisition and spend, we measure everything to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Campaign Building: To make sure how profitable the campaign would be and how profitable they already are, we deep dive into details. We start working on keywords and optimizing it as well as the ads group which results in increased CTR and conversions.

Bid Management: This can be done by the client himself, why are we required then? We make sure you target the keywords sans bidding high and gain more. Less spend, and gain more is the mantra.

Tracking and Testing: This is one of the most important aspects of what all we do for our client as the campaign, as well as the landing page, has to be tested on AB and Split. We do both the testing.

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No need to waste time deciding what to do now. It’s time to act smart and act fast. Write to us or call us now to speak to our sales representative in Los Angeles or speak to any of Indian representatives. The operations are handled at the Indian office only.