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Search Engine Optimization

With the advent of Internet, plenty of things changed. For every small thing, users first take the help of Google. Once they have the information enough about the respective services, then they start looking for best service providers in the region. They never go to page three which means they trust the first 20 results on google search page. Businesses are now trying hard to make sure their sites are on the first page in order to get more leads. The higher the rank with select keywords, the better it is for business.

What is SEO?

It is imperative to understand what is SEO? Why do businesses need this? SEO is a process of optimizing your website with select keywords and letting Google know that you are also among the websites who provides these services. Google understands it by crawling your sites and finding the respective information based on user search. Google also sees who all have referred to your websites. You need to have hundreds and thousands of backlinks referring to your website. The more backlinks, the better the chances of getting to the top.

SEO Agency in US, UK and UAE.

Our offices are in Los Angeles, Nashville and India. We offer SEO services making sure we help you rank faster in a small span of time. We follow Google recommended practices so that the keywords do slump ranking whenever Google makes changes to its search algorithms. You will receive fortnightly SEO reports which includes all the activities we have done for the period. We also do monthly online meetings to discuss further course of action regarding the project.

Our Process of Optimizing Sites.

We have a protocol that we follow in all the projects. As soon as we have a new project, we start brainstorming with the team and find the best keywords that will bring business to our clients. Once the keywords are selected based on Search Volumes, we start the content optimization as we need to make sure that keywords are listed on the page properly and with proper density. We have our own content strategy like third party content publishing and blog creation, network creation for the niche market. The list is long….

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