Finally Google’s Beta Has Taken the Escape Route

Finally Google’s Beta Has Taken the Escape Route

Google has recently launched its all-new Google Search Console to deliver reports to verified users. After an exhaustive application of the beta user testing for over a year, the latest console is integrated with two exciting new features – a Manual Actions segment and a real-time URL Inspection tool.

The recent development no more finds the word “beta” occupying a place on the top menu bar. With the latest updates, the Search Console offers a precise view of the web page content with the introduction of the Index Coverage Report.

Users also have access to Search Analytics to examine and review performance reports until as old as 16 months. The Links report allows display of links related information directed to a user’s site. The URL Inspection tool enables users to collect information about indexing, crawling and other specifics for a certain URL from the Google index.

The overhaul also incorporates improved alerts, “fixed it” streams, simplified sitemaps and account settings administration.

Both live manual actions and security problems will now be shown directly in the Overview page. This is included so that users don’t get to miss crucial alerts.

The Manual Actions report appears clean and immaculate than ever before. The change allows users to inquire and analyze pending manual actions or apply for a reconsideration request.

The URL inspection tool will help the users to scrutinize the real-time version of a webpage. This is very useful for troubleshooting and resolving problems in a page or tracking it, if the problem still exists.

Google has still not added all the features. Only the most commonly used features and options are merged with the update. When a new case will be introduced Google will intimate the users. As of now, the old version is still accessible.

The major takeaways for the best SEO agencies in Los Angeles:

The Google Search Console is at last out of beta testing after a span of more than a year that improved Google’s alerting methods, account management and sitemaps.

The most compelling new features are the Manual Actions and URL Inspection in real-time. Both of them enable users to detect and monitor site related problems.