08 Jan 2014

Portfolio Item 08


                            Mobile Apps SEO & Web Design

                                                    May 2016

Movie trivia made fun and profitable

Pioneers in regenerative medicine that addresses health & cosmetic problems

The idea to develop any app is based on its uniqueness and Quizambo fills that category beautifully. Right now there is no app in that market that can match the sheer brilliance or simplicity of this fun, interactive and profitable app. It’s a profitable movie trivia app app because as you win you make money, DIGITAL MONEY which is the mantra right now after demonetization.

Project Detail

We at SEO American are proud to design and develop this app and also promote it using our immense knowledge of SEO and SMO.

                                                                                  Simple strategy

What we decided was to let the app do the talking so we simply created buzz in the market using social media and forums to discuss and debate about this app. We extensively used twitter and facebook along with best blogosphere where we published content.