08 Jan 2014

Portfolio Item 09

                            AirShip Adventure

                                            Mobile Game

                                                    June 2015

A customized mobile app game

Project Detail

AirShip Adventure is a fun game created for our American subsidiary so we could test our strength in the field of mobile game. This game was developed exclusively for iOS platform.

This a uncomplicated 2D Adventure Game that takes you on a adventures journey where you will have to overcome obstacles and at the same time keep a close eye on fuel. Also we ensured the player had a every opportunity to gain points but it also endured it would not be that simple.

We used the very best in 2D technology so the players will be able to derive all the fun. That is why we were very pleased with the results when lot of people downloaded our new game app giving us the confidence to conceptualize, design and develop more mobile app games for the future.

Mobile SEO promotion

After we launched this game we had the opportunity to sharpen our skill in mobile SEO promotion and again went for a different strategy combining SEO and social media.