08 Jan 2014

Portfolio Item 10

               SheaNetics, cradle of fitness and health

                                            Website design

                                                            June 2015

Promoting a dynamic innovation in physical fitness for the multi-age-suitable

Project Detail

In the world of American fitness and health, SheaNetics reigns supreme and has revolutionized how Americans live their lives. Shea Vaughn is one of the leading wellness and fitness experts whose work has won the endorsement world over in the field of Public Health. SheaNetics is one of the best wellness centers that help train corporate leaders, celebrities and innovative entrepreneurs in America. This has led to Shea Vaughn being called America’s Queen of Wellness.

We as a company were very proud to be associated with SheaNetics and designed and developed the website along with running SEO and SMO campaigns to promote better living. It was a learning experience for us and we took great pride in promoting such an iconic brand in America.

sheaneticsOur strategy

It was clear from the beginning we must go for the most effective keywords selection and wrote the best articles that was consistent with philosophy of our client. Ms. Vaughn is a pioneer in this field and has taken wellness & fitness principles to new level of improvements and it was this philosophy that we tried to reinforce and was totally successful.

An aggressive social media initiative

We ran a very aggressive social media campaign on facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media planks to spread awareness and create more understand of what SheaNetics wants to give back to society.